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Look out for little butterflies building our website. We will fly by soon to tell you more about our leecious world. In the meantime, meet the creative butterfly that mends broken hearts through the art of storytelling. A creative process done with a paintbrush or a pen.


Welcome to the world of yummy art where things turn into an art-leecious world.

Art-leecious will transport you to an art-minded sphere where you can indulge in creativeness.

Come with me to discover the unique artworks of unknown artists and meet them on podcasts and video interviews.

Experience a world of yummy-ness art you have never imagined before.


For the love of art.

For the love of people.

For society.

For the process.


Let’s put the ‘boring’ stuff aside for a moment. Yes, I have had opportunities to acquire formal education. If you are interested in my career background, search for me on LinkedIn: Leandi Labuschagne (I am sure you will recognise my smile).

I am an Author. Artist. HR Professional. Entrepreneur.

My art mantra: I believe in SIMPLICITY, FUN, PASSION.

I love how art makes people smile and see how artists talk passionately about their work.

Through this initiative, I want to marry art and business. For artists. For the love of art. For the love of people. With my brainchild, Art-leecious, I aspire to create opportunities for artists and enable them to monetize creativity.

My wish is that this initiative will transform lives, create happy art-leecious moments and passion for art will be shared.

I want to invite you to join me on this journey of transformation through art.
Welcome to Art-leecious.

Whisper your story to Léandi Labuschagne on +27 82 781 9660
Email: enquiries@art-leecious.com or